Seating systems Suppliers in Dubai

Seating systems Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Anhelectra is one of the leading Suppliers of Seating Systems in Dubai, offers seating solutions for Stadium, Theater, Auditorium etc. across UAE. We are holding the expertise in offering high quality of Seating System. Our product range include stadium seats, auditorium seats, cinema and theater armchairs. Feel free to Contact us for any query regarding Seating systems, you can Email us at


The 21st century,as human bodies and their life styles have been changing ,we are charged with a mission to keep them naturally. Han Yoo Systems Co.Ltd.creates the best comforts and durability with new technologies and development wills based on beautiful harmony between human being and spaces ,leads to the new world of seating industry with the accumulation of new technologies and the industry know-how. We guide u to the world offering the best comforts and conveniences with high qualities and functions of stadium seating that can maximize impression from sports sites, and auditorium seating that can bring up the standards of various cultural art sources.


Forum Seating is a brand owned by the Nowy Styl Group, one of the biggest furniture groups in Europe. Product range of the brand includes stadium seats, auditorium seats, cinema and theatre armchairs and telescopic tribunes. The brand›s products are characterized by quality proven by suitable approvals and certificates, and unique design.The brand always takes an end-to-end approach to a project it executes. Its experienced staff accompany the customer at every stage of project implementation offering their know-how in the areas of space arrangement and technical requirements for spaces. Enormous experience in seat installation gained in fitting out huge stadiums, multi-screen cinemas, philharmonics and smaller sized halls and cinemas makes the company a reliable and trustworthy partner.

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