Woven Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in UAE
Woven Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Anhelectra is a leading Supplier, Trader & Contractor of good quality Woven vinyl flooring in Dubai, UAE.

Wise is the ideal woven vinyl fabric floor that will cover your flooring needs for good! It is the best alternative to traditional carpets, wooden and marble floors, because it offers so much more. Strong and durable-Soft and comfortable-Easy to apply clean and maintain-Sound absorbing-Flame retardant-Anti-slippery-Long lasting colours-Unique feel and modern look-Recyclable materials, environmental friendly and antibacterial-All-weather, ideal for indoors or outdoors-And last but not least, it is both affordable and money saving as it is warm in winter and cool in summer!

For any Enquiries pertaining to Woven Vinyl Flooring contact us at info@anhelectra.com

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