Wood flooring suppliers in UAE
Wooden Flooring Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Anhelectra is well known for providing complete flooring solutions across UAE. Supplies wide range of Wooden flooring products to Commercial and residential areas in Dubai. At Anhelectra Wooden Flooring is available in an ample range of designs and patterns and with lots of colors. Feel free to contact us for any query regarding Wooden Flooring, you can Email us at info@anhelectra.com


The CLASSEN Group produces high quality wood and wood based products for internal applications. In the market for Laminate flooring CLASSEN is the third largest producer in the world. Here central to our product development process are the DIY companies and their customers.


The brickyard and sawmill founded by Franz Paul Hamberger in Rosenheim, Bavaria, in 1866 have grown from a small family business to Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer. Some things never change: after more than 140 years Hamberger is still a true family business. It is managed by the company owners in the fourth and fifth generations. This synthesis of tradition and innovation is also reflected in our HARO brand-name Parquet. At Hamberger, high-quality wood from sustainably managed forests is refined with modern manufacturing processes and innovative technologies to a flooring that upgrades every room and turns your house into a home.


Today, the company has the three largest hardwood sawmills in Europe – equipped with the most modern equipment in the world. As an internationally recognized producer of quality lumber products, Pollmeier delivers panels to the European furniture industry, flooring to Europe and North America, and has worldwide markets for our lumber. Pollmeier is an engine of innovation, we even have our own company that develops and sells new types of machinery for the sawmill business. Altogether, the Pollmeier companies produce raw lumber, furniture panels, and flooring.

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