Expansion Joint and Entrance Mat Suppliers in UAE
Expansion Joint and Entrance Mat Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Anhelectra is a leading Supplier of high-quality Expansion Joint and Entrance Mat in Dubai, UAE.

The French company DINAC designs, manufactures and markets finishing systems and profiles for the building industry.TDINAC was founded in 1969 in the area of Lyon and moved 1971 to La Mure, 30 km south of the city of Grenoble. Since that time, the company never stopped developing new ranges of products in order to become market leader in its field of activity.
1996, DINAC joined the Gergonne Industries Group.

  • Design
  • Standard or bespoke manufacturing
  • Mastering industrial process
  • Logistic and distribution
  • Supporting prescription

DINAC, as a part of a strong group, is able to call on strong industrial know how and willingness to create, innovate, and improve its products and services in order to propose suitable and efficient solutions.

  • Synergy between different markets (Industry do it yourself Building & Construction)
  • Industrial process
  • Research and development
  • International sales activity

DINAC received many awards at Innovation contests as recognition of its power to innovate.

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